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Welcome to Improfection.

This initiative is a platform for improvising artists in the performance disciplines?music, dance, and theatre?to meet one another and exchange experiences for interdisciplinary improvisation. Below, you will find a model for improvisation called the River of Improv, a simple card game, and the supporting theory explaining the origins of these products. The information on this site is registered under a Creative Commons license, meaning that you are free to use the content, as long as you cite this source so people can contact the author for more information.
Improfection is the title of my 2012 thesis for my Master of Education in Arts. I formed this word through several word associations: improvisation, imperfection, improvement, professional, introspection, and interaction.

These six words form the core of my vision on interdisciplinary improvisation. I believe that artists are imperfect people. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves. We emulate nature (imitate, but making it look better) and by doing this, we aim to get as close to perfection as we can. But so often as artists, we lose sight of each other when we are trying to improve ourselves. Musicians make music. Actors act. Dancers dance. How often do we engage with each other to exchange experiences, to learn from one another's discipline? This is where interdisciplinary improvisation comes in.

Interdisciplinary means ?between the disciplines.? I believe that every time we choose to interact more with other artists, other disciplines, we gain insight into our own performance. Other artists can offer a mirror for our behaviour or a pool of new ideas to draw from. Improvisation is a very raw and real way to do that, because we are offering ourselves to the moment, just as we are. Educator Stephen Nachmanovitch wrote about improvisation: ?Every attempt we make is imperfect, yet each one of those imperfect attempts is an occasion for a delight unlike anything else on earth.?
We can be ourselves.
We can learn from each other.

We are perfectly imperfect in every moment.
  That is Improfection.
 If you would like to read the thesis in its entirety or explore the techniques I developed to apply the model below in the form of a workshop, please send me an e-mail at athalie.dekoning@gmail.com to request more information. 

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